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Cloudify and Lumina Networks create joint solutions for service providers that want industry-leading TOSCA-based orchestration along with the Lumina SDN Controller Powered by OpenDaylight™.

Cloudify specializes in IT operations automation technology that manages application and network services through open orchestration. The company’s award-winning Cloudify software enhances the velocity and reliability of software deployment, lifecycle management and network functions in cloud-native environments. Built and maintained by an open source community, Cloudify is used by telecoms, internet service providers, financial services firms, e-commerce companies and others for NFV operations and cloud management & orchestration.

Cloudify is spearheading open standard initiatives in cloud management and NFV and is the leading orchestration provider behind the TOSCA specification. Cloudify is a founding member of ONAP, a consortium defining open source, next-generation network automation standards, and an active member in OASIS and ETSI standard bodies.  Learn more about Cloudify at

NoviFlow and Lumina Networks have cooperated to create SD-Core solutions for tier-1 service providers.   SD-Core enables providers to evolve their MPLS core to SDN, while retaining the protocols, products and reliability of their existing networks.   Noviflow provides the high-performance forwarding plane while Lumina’s SDN Controller provides the control plane that interfaces with NoviFlow, at the same time working with the network’s legacy routing infrastructure.  In October 2017, NoviFlow and Lumina Networks announced SD-Core solutions.

NoviFlow Inc. provides open standard-based high-performance SDN networking solutions to network operators, data center operators and enterprises seeking greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks. NoviWare, NoviFlow’s high-performance Network Operating System software has been designed to address the complex requirements of carrier-grade networks and delivers over millions of simultaneous flows using a fully-programmable match-action pipeline, supporting all OpenFlow 1.3 and 1.4 actions, instructions and match fields, along with key OpenFlow 1.5 features.  Read more about NoviFlow at

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