Service Automation

Control network operation while monitoring service performance simultaneously.

Closed-loop automation is the ultimate approach to lowering network operations costs. Lumina’s extension and adaption platform, running on OpenDaylight, is used to normalize telemetry data triggering control actions or optimizations automatically.

Automation of network traffic enables companies to reduce production and deployment times of new services by removing the need for truck rolls and reducing the opportunity for human error. With access through the cloud, service providers can create and deploy services in minutes, instead of weeks.

Heading toward software-centric networks with virtualized functions, service providers must automate network management now, before the traffic complexity becomes unmanageable. With Lumina Networks, we have a unique ability to automate network traffic in brownfield environments – delivering agility to our customers as they transform.


Use Cases:

  • Provisioning
    • NETCONF NW management
    • CLIconf NW management
  • Assurance : telemetry normalization

Lumina Products:

  • Lumina Extension and Adaption Platform
  • Lumina Service Mapper


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