Gain the efficiencies of segment routing over BGP-LS or OpenFlow without service disruption.

SD-Core Overview

SD-Core is an approach to evolving your network to newer and more efficient routing and switching technologies by using an open source control plane and centralized PCE.  Common use cases of SD-Core include segment routing using BGP-PCEP and whitebox switching.

Multi-Domain SD-Core

By using Lumina’s SDN Controller along with its SD-Core applications, network managers can deploy services over a multi-domain network, mixing traditional routers with white box switches and virtual network functions. The approach, often called intent-based networking, allows you to maintain service continuity regardless of the underlying network infrastructure.

Benefits of SD-Core

Reduced Cost

Reduce costs by enabling traffic sharing between the switched and routed domains through segment routing

Efficient traffic flows

The use case includes interworking between the domains and path computation for efficient traffic flows over the switched network.

Open Platform

The SDN controller provides a common, open platform for controlling the switched and routed BGP/MPLS networks across devices and white boxes via OpenFlow or BGP-LS.

Use Cases

  • Whitebox core offload
  • Whitebox DC Interconnect
  • Edge Compute Networking
  • Greenfield NW Slicing
  • Optical / Transport PCE
  • Brownfield Service Aware Core
  • Brownfield NW Slicing
  • Multi-Domain PCE

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