Gain the efficiencies of segment routing over BGP-LS or OpenFlow
without service disruption​.

Software Defined Core, SD-Core, architecture provides end-to-end network clarity. With a single pane of glass, SD-Core revolutionizes network capabilities by unifying network controls from the edge, to the datacenter, and through the core. By merging all legacy, cloud and programmable resources, SD-Core removes network silos to improve efficiencies and flexibility. The ubiquitous control streamlines security while enabling programmability and automation, regardless of interface. With SD-Core, service providers can deliver on-demand, customizable experiences to their customers while reducing service calls. This revolutionary architecture will change the way service providers manage their networks, create services, and deliver new business models.

Multi-Domain SD-Core


By using Lumina’s SDN Controller along with its SD-Core applications, network managers can deploy services over a multi-domain network, mixing traditional routers with white box switches and virtual network functions. The approach often called intent-based networking, allows you to maintain service continuity regardless of the underlying network infrastructure.

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Benefits of SD-Core

Reduce on-boarding time

New vendor IP/MPLS on-boarding time reduces from
~12-18 months to two weeks

New customer provisioning

New customer provisioning for existing service reduces from 4-6 weeks to <1 minute

Reduce launch time

New service definition and launch time reduces from 6 months to 6 weeks

Use Cases

  • Whitebox core offload
  • Brownfield Service Aware Core
  • Edge Compute Networking

Comments from the Community

“SD-Core is committed to providing our clients flexibility, control and performance and open-source technologies support that philosophy…bring additional value to the community.”

— Source: ZDNet

SD-Core and SD-WAN

SD-Core and SD-WAN are complementary technology solutions. While they’re both software defined, they are completely different.


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