Intent Driven Service Automation

Focus on “what” instead of “how” when it comes to provisioning services. Translate business objectives into network configuration


Traditional services are meticulously designed – planning the “what” of the service and the “how” of the infrastructure. This manual design process, and the related process of using automation scripts to provision these services, are error prone and time consuming.Translating complex business requirements, the solution enables service delivery based on the “what” and not the “how.”

Benefits that matter for your organization

Reduced Cost

Reduce costs by enabling traffic sharing between the switched and routed domains through segment routing

Improve Resource Management

Automation of network traffic enables companies to reduce production and deployment times

Reduce Operational Time & Costs (IT/DevOps)

Unique ability to automate network traffic in brownfield environments

Use Cases

  • Brownfield Adaption, CLI-Conf​
  • Service Visibility and Assurance​
  • 3rd-party Federation​
  • Configuration management​

Build your Intent-based Network

Lumina’s Intent-Driven Service Automation solution simplifies this complexity by automating service delivery across an end-to-end network based on business intent.

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