5G Network Slicing

Deliver on-demand application performance to your mobile subscribers.

To realize the power of 5G, applications need to move to distributed data centers. Lumina’s network management tools help configure the physical and virtual network so that applications can move to the network edge, close to the mobile users that need them.

With 5G enabled services which are contextually-aware, personalized and on-demand, the value of application placement will continue to increase. By moving the application closer to the user, you will mediate network traffic and see improved network performance while your customer enjoys an unparalleled customer experience.

Use Cases:

  • 5G Application Placement
  • 5G Network Slicing
  • Brownfield Adaption

Lumina Products:

  • Lumina Extension and Adaption Platform
  • Lumina Services Mapper
  • Lumina SDN Controller-C


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