Solutions to accelerate the transformation journey and DevOps principals

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

This dynamic digital era creates many challenges for Service Providers. Increasing data consumption, decreasing revenue and new competition have been forcing the industry to transform to more agile infrastructure and operations. By creating more flexible, automated networks driven by DevOps principles, Lumina Networks’ open source solutions help Service Providers reimagine a new future without the fear of vendor lock-in.


Intent-Driven Service Automation

Control network operation while monitoring service performance simultaneously.



Effective use of Network assets, faster time to
the market, operational efficiency

Container Networking

Network Analytics

Collect logs and operational data across network elements to enhance service levels, security, closed loop automation and compliance

Intent-based networking

Software-Defined Data Center

Connect tenant workloads dynamically while
controlling the underlay conjointly.

Transform your Network Today

In this digital era service providers are continually transforming to a more agile infrastructure that enables flexibility and automation. Start addressing your most pressing needs with an intent-based network built on open source.

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