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Lumina SDN Controller – Trial

Lumina SDN Controller – Trial

Lumina SDN Controller is the first commercial controller built directly from OpenDaylight code without any proprietary plugins or platform dependencies. Start road-testing open SDN now with our free license to manage up to 5 network nodes for 1 year. We’re even including 60 days of free support to help you get started. Download your free Lumina SDN Controller trial now.

Key Features Include:

  • OpenFlow 1.0, 1.3 and NETCONF interfaces
  • Lumina Topology Manager App Included
  • Installer, Quick-Start Guide and User Guide
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Lumina SDN Controller – Trial

Minimizing risk, protecting investments, and ensuring the ability to quickly develop and monetize applications are primary concerns as you transition to SDN. The Lumina SDN Controller addresses them all—with an open source architecture that’s fully tested, documented, and quality assured.

Low Risk

  • Robust, carrier-class architecture
  • Fully tested commercial edition of OpenDaylight controller

Investment Protection

  • Delivers an infrastructure vendor-agnostic solution by supporting various protocols and APIs, including OpenFlow, OVSDB, NETCONF/YANG, REST, and BGP
  • Migrate workloads into the Lumina SDN domain at your own pace
  • No proprietary extensions: applications can run on any OpenDaylight platform

Developer Support

  • Retain full intellectual property rights for applications developed on the Lumina SDN Controller
  • Access to repository and world-class subject matter experts

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