NetDev Services

Organizations that wish to accelerate the implementation of their open software network and want to expand the skill set of their network engineering and operations team through hands-on experience can utilize Lumina NetDev Services. Our NetDev Services team works with customers to jointly develop production systems using Agile methods to prototype and speed through proof-of-concept and pilot phases.

Our expertise and willingness to work spans open source to Lumina products and even competitor products. In short, we do the custom work other networking companies are unable or unwilling to do. Together with customers we turn into reality the deployment of SDN, NFV, automation, disaggregated networking, DevOps, NetOps and more.

And the best part is that our methodologies enable the engaging customer teams to become self-sufficient in developing and managing their new open source platforms. We transfer the skills, tools and practices needed for the lifetime of the platform. Our methodologies do this by apprenticeship-style training of new skills; setting up the tools in the provider’s environment and teaching the practices needed to best use them. Customers walk away understanding not just how to use the solution, but also how the solution was built.


From:  Vendor-defined text books, training and certifications focused on their products.

To:  Hands-on, practical learning and apprenticeship in open standards and languages.


From:  Monolithic platforms where new requests take 9-18 months and only if you have influence.

To:  Modular, micro services featuring abstractions and extensible templates to get new features as you design and develop.


From:  Limited, long-lead time changes during planned downtime on late nights and weekends.

To:  Hundreds of changes per day on your time with continuous service delivery.

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