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Our customers’ networks aren’t one-size-fits-all, so neither are we. Our worldwide team of open source networking experts work in agile sprints to design and deploy customized solutions to fulfill your specific business needs. This development exercise, managed in conjunction with our customers, helps transforming teams reach technical and operational objectives.

NetDev customers have successfully implemented our theories and co-developed solutions to enabled agile, automated mobile and fixed telecommunications networks around the world. By working along side our team of open source leaders, some of the world’s most advanced Service Providers have learned to thrive in this dynamic market place while accelerating their transformation processes. Together, we changed service deployment processes, simplified service creation and support, and created unified multi-vendor network control.

It’s not easy, but we can help.

Delivering Business Outcomes for the Industry’s Most Challenging Networking Use Cases

Intent-Based Networking


Software-Defined Data Center

Network Visibility

Transforming with NetDev

Addressing the Gaps – Simplifying Complexity Through Experience

Open Source Community development on-demand

Roadmap on-demand

Integration and Customization

Supporting your Operations


1. Ease of driving community development

2. Hardened open source software for bespoke requirements

3. Third-party integration to enable differentiated open software networking platforms

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