SD-Core White Paper

As network technology struggles to keep pace with yearly increases in global data consumption, companies are desperately searching for a way to grow their business in a constrained capital environment while embarking on transformation programs to maintain pace with the speed of cloud. Outdated proprietary network models create a “walled garden” ecosystem where only the vendor gets to decide what improvements can and should be implemented. 

The scope, schedule and costs of innovation for a company are determined by an outside party with little to no input from the end-user. New technologies, vendors and services need to be introduced faster and with customization to meet market demands, and the demands of 5G, MEC and IOT require scale that can’t be met with traditional approaches.

SD-Core is a proven software stack that will unleash the capabilities in your network to provide sophisticated services. By enabling you to confidently define, test, and iterate across all layers of your network, we remove the risk and complexity that existed in the past. Fill out the form to the right and download the white paper today.

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