Orchestration White Paper

The Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is the networking industry’s most broadly supported service orchestration initiative. With deep expertise in OpenDaylight, upon which ONAP is being built, Lumina Networks is ideally suited to provide an open source network control toolset in a way that supports the capabilities and flexibility that service providers want and need.

The trend in carrier-grade networking is toward virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN). Every service provider (SP) is moving to separate the software layer of networking from the underlying hardware to reduce their dependence on expensive, purpose-built equipment and to gain agility in their operations. This abstraction process allows them to move their now-virtualized networking software to general purpose compute platforms—the same kinds of inexpensive white box hardware and bare metal platforms that applications and other services run on today.

This white paper outlines industry efforts to collectively create an open source orchestration platform, and also lays out a bit of roadmap and direction on Lumina’s efforts to develop a software-defined network controller (SDN-C) to drive this platform. Fill out the form to the right and download the white paper for free today.

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