Lumina SDN Controller

Evolve and automate your network with open source, powered by OpenDaylightTM

The Lumina SDN Controller powered by OpenDaylight (ODL) provides a common, open platform for service providers or developers, giving direct control over SDN development and implementation. This emerging approach helps eliminate vendor lock-in and puts users in charge of their own network evolution. Optional controller-based applications enable specific use cases using the controller’s unique platform capabilities.

The Lumina SDN Controller is a quality-assured edition of the industry-leading OpenDaylight controller. Combined with Lumina’s NetDev Services, providers can implement software-defined networks on their own timeline using an Agile development methodology.

At a high-level, the OpenDaylight controller has three parts.

  1. A central Service Abstraction layer that normalizes all data exchange via YANG
  2. A “southbound” selection of control interfaces that connect to common switches and routers using protocols such as NETCONF, OpenFlow, BGP/PCEP and OVSDB.
  3. A “northbound” API aimed at supporting applications using RESTCONF.

This architecture allows the controller to enable software-defined networking by abstracting and normalizing the interface to a variety of network devices and providing telemetry for closed-loop automation.


  • Deploy software-defined networking for new and legacy network devices
  • Set the stage for moving to NFV or white boxes without vendor lock-in
  • Unify network operations with a network-wide industry-standard API
  • Route-key now required in the payload for BGP route injection
  • L2 switch is no longer a support ODL project/LSC extension

Comments from the Community

AT&T set a goal to virtualize and software control 70-80 percent of its network infrastructure by 2020.

— Source: Intel


  • Provides a fully tested and vendor-supported distribution of the industry-leading OpenDaylight controller from the Linux Foundation™
  • Pure play open source approach that does not lock you in and contributes new code and changes to the upstream development community without forking
  • Comprehensive support program for both network operations and in-house software developers
  • Licensing and support programs that allow you to innovate and invent without the typical vendor contractual terms
  • Based on the industry-leading open source SDN platform, OpenDaylight, that boasts over 1 billion users world-wide and includes support from nearly 50 major networking vendors
  • Includes a variety of southbound plugins that connect to and support popular platforms from the industry’s leading switch and router manufacturers
  • Enables migration to advanced switching using standard flow-control protocols, segment routing or path computation tools
  • Provides a selection of northbound applications with easy-to-use GUIs and APIs for managing topologies, flows and southbound equipment configuration
  • Supported by the most popular orchestration tools and virtual infrastructure managers allowing straight-forward migration to network function virtualization
  • Lumina’s advanced NetDev Services can assist you to develop, test and integrate the software you need using Agile development methodologies

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