Lumina Topology Manager

Learn your OpenFlow topology and list of nodes with the Lumina SDN Controller


  • Allows for simple test and deployment with SDN using and OpenFlow switches
  • Provides experimentation with OVS switches and Mininet
  • Confirms operation of the SDN Controller


Lumina Topology Manager monitors events and stores or updates the controller topology details. The application displays information on network topology, hosts, switches, routers, ports, and flows in near-real time. Topology manager is included at no additional charge and can be trialed with the SDN Controller.


  • Powerful OpenFlow topology display via OpenDaylight
  • Easy to use GUI
  • View Port Group Statistics (Buckets, Actions)
  • Mount and Unmount NETCONF Devices
  • Node table (OpenFlow and NETCONF Nodes)
  • All functional available via API
  • Easy step-up to Flow Manager

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