Lumina Service Mapper

Enables seamless model translation from standardized data models to vendor proprietary models.

With the advent of SDN interfaces like netconf, most OEMs have started supporting netconf interfaces natively in the Network Elements. However, the yang models exposed by the NEs are still proprietary, and every OEM ends up projecting yang models that are a reflection of their CLIs, or a proprietary model. As a result, operators are still left with having to deal with a multitude of models for the same service.

Lumina Service Mapper is an intelligent application that enables seamless model translation from standardized data models to vendor proprietary models. Working in unison with the Lumina SDN-Controller, the application translates models for proper network configuration by the controller. LSM also enables normalization of alarms in the monitoring path, enabling vendor neutral alarm collection and monitoring. LSM greatly simplifies operators quest in true end-to-end service automation and monitoring, using its extensible translation framework.


  • Easy integration with orchestration layer using standard based models and intent
  • Permits devops teams to define and develop newer mappings independently and removes dependencies on controller/application/Java development expertise
  • Separating the model translation from the core business logic enables it to scale to hundreds of models translations across thousands of devices

Comments from the Community

“The introduction of SDN/NFV raised the capability requirements for operators for independent operation and development, bringing the world of DevOps to Telcos.”

— Source: Cloudify


  • Extensible Model mapping framework that allows mapping from generic to device specific mappings
  • Separation of mapping logic from controller application development logic
  • Containerized packaging and deployment

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