Lumina Overlay Manager

Deploy vendor-neutral overlays in a datacentre environment where virtual machines are used and coordinated with the underlay network and equipment.


Lumina Overlay Manager is an app that is used to create logical overlay networks on top of the physical underlay network by establishing VXLAN tunnels between the nodes on the networks. Lumina Overlay Manager is built on top of the Lumina SDN Controller. You can use either the APIs provided by the application or the app web GUI to access the application.

Using the Overlay Manager you can create and manage tunnels between:

• Two KVM hypervisors running an Open vSwitch

• Two data center switches

• A KVM hypervisor and a data center switch

The Overlay Manager communicates with data center devices by using the NETCONF protocol and with the hypervisors by using the OVSDB.


  • Provides VXLAN topology management
  • Connects KVM to switch fabric VTEPs
  • Allows extension of the overlay to:
  • Multiple hypervisors
  • Across the switch fabric
  • Across multiple data centers
  • Supports OVSDB for virtual switch configuration and management

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