Lumina Extension & Adaptation Platform

Model-driven software platform to enable automation of heterogeneous network.

Lumina Extension & Adaptation Platform (LEAP) is a modern software framework from Lumina that enables automation of legacy network elements using model-driven frameworks, in an extensible fashion. LEAP extends Lumina’s OpenDayLight based SDN controller using a microservices architecture and enables better integration with business layers. LEAP also promotes the addition of new microservices based components in a language-agnostic manner, thereby enabling operators to use the Python skills of their DevOps teams to extend their service automation frameworks in-house, based on business demands, without dependency on external vendors.

Benefits of LEAP

Extensible Framework

Microservices framework enables easy integration with business applications.

One-click Service Provisioning

Decrease service delivery times from months to minutes with one-click service provisioning and easy order management integration using model-driven APIs

Increase Efficiencies

Increase efficiencies with Intent-driven network operations leveraging abstract data models

Comments from the Community

“Bell is focused on providing its operations teams with tools to automate life cycle management of both physical and virtual network functions, incident management and service assurance.”

— Source: Telecom TV


  • Microservices based framework
  • Language agnostic
  • Programmability support for legacy network elements
  • Service abstraction
  • Model driven

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    Use Cases

    Brownfield Adaptation

    Provision devices with legacy interfaces to co-existing with programmable network elements.


    • Custom plugins to support CLI, vendor-specific APIs and multiple standard interfaces
    • Mapping infrastructure normalizes to YANG data structures within the controller
    • Allows new SDN equipment and legacy systems to be integrated
    • Works for both provisioning and operations use cases
    • Allows easier migration to SDN and reduces the cost burden of forklift upgrades

    Service Assurance Enablement

    Collect Service Assurance parameters, normalize them, and push them the stack for alarming, statistics, notifications etc.


    • Support a variety of telemetry agents
    • Notifications from Kafka and WebSocket
    • Maps underlying device/EMS data to normalize operationally. data models
    • Standard northbound interfaces. To configure. And. Monitor within the carrier’s global systems
    • Exportable time series data repository

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