Lumina Flow Manager

Provision and monitor traffic-engineered paths across multiple domains.

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Lumina Flow Manager is a collection of applications that enable better utilization of the network by intelligently managing slices, creating paths through these slices and mapping services to the paths. Through these actions, the telco is now enabled to control costs on the network, as well as better groom traffic to guarantee appropriate treatment. In addition, the telco is also empowered to start offering services for 5G.




  • Extends the life of existing networks by deriving better utilization
  • Prepares the network to offer services such as network slicing for 5G rollouts
  • Better control over traffic grooming and application awareness
  • Reduced complexity in dealing with multiple domains

Comments from the Community

“Verizon uses SDN to steer traffic engineering to optimize video experiences.”

— Source: LightReading


  • Network/Domain agnostic Path Compute Engine, with support for a wide array of path constraints
  • Topology manager that can independently discover network topology for any network type. Supports OpenFlow, BGP-LS and IGP based topology discovery
  • Slice manager to enable creation of slices within the network and use them differently for different applications
  • Path Manager that computes traffic-engineered paths across the network, implements segment routing and continuously monitors the path for optimal rerouting
  • Service Manager enables creation of services like L2VPNs, L3VPNs, manages the attachment of services to various paths by tying them together at the ingress nodes
  • Ability to create paths that cut across multiple domains

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