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Lumina Networks’ products enable network agility and unparalleled efficiencies for hyperscale companies who are transforming to thrive.

Benefits by the numbers

Proven Reduction in TCO

Global OpenDaylight Users

Service Providers Use SDN

Reduce Service Deployment Time

Software Solutions

Lumina SDN Controller

Evolve and automate your network with open source, Powered by OpenDaylightTM

Lumina Flow Manager

Lumina Flow Manager enables more simplified and sophisticated traffic engineering of the network with advanced algorithms such as path-computation for efficient traffic flows.

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Lumina VNF Manager

Through a combination of VNF health monitoring and lifecycle management, VNF Manager helps organizations automate network service delivery while simplifying NFV deployment.

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Lumina Overlay Manager

Lumina Overlay Manager is an application to create logical overlay networks on top of the physical underlay networks by establishing VXLAN tunnels between network nodes.

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Lumina Topology Manager

Lumina Topology Manager updates the controller topology details, displaying information on network topology, hosts, switches, routers, ports, and flows in near-real time.

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Lumina Fabric Manager

Lumina Fabric Manager is a series of plug-ins and data models that interface with Kubernetes to push network intent to commercial switch fabrics such as Cisco and Juniper.

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Lumina Zero-Touch Installer

Lumina Zero Touch Installer enables users to initialize devices with the correct software image and configuration as soon as the new device is plugged into the network.

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We do it differently


Intelligently control the core processes of your network and business to streamline, optimize, and automate the key initiatives that drive value for your organization and customers.


Lumina’s open-source SDN solutions provide the freedom and flexibility to tailor network management software that meets your company’s business needs, allowing you to innovate and create a network architecture that moves you forward in the marketplace.


Our NetDev services team works hand-in-hand with your team to help build solutions tailor-made for your problems, and deliver the best practices necessary to maintain and grow your network into the future.

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