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SDN Products

Lumina Networks brings together open source leadership and agile NetDev Services to help providers move beyond lab trials and into production environments. The Lumina SDN Controller powered by OpenDaylight (ODL) provides a common, open platform for developers, giving providers direct control over their SDN development and implementation thus eliminating lock-in. Optional controller-based applications enable deployment of specific use cases, including SD-Core, Zero-Touch Installation and Brownfield Adaption.

Lumina SDN Controller Commercial Edition - Trial Download

Lumina SDN Controller Commercial Edition is a quality-assured version of the industry-leading OpenDaylight controller licensed for production networks. Combined with Lumina NetDev Services, providers can implement software-defined networks on their own timeline using Agile development approaches. Lumina delivers multivendor interoperability based on a common control plane and contributes back to the open source community to ensure 100 percent compatibility with OpenDaylight’s code base. Download Trial or Download Datasheet.

Lumina SDN Controller Developer Edition

Lumina SDN Controller Developer Edition is the first developer platform in production that is built directly from OpenDaylight community code without any proprietary extensions or platform dependencies. Developers retain ownership of their developed applications and can count on portability to other OpenDaylight-based controllers. Developer support includes a catalog of tools and support services to speak directly with our developers, including contributors and committers in the ODL community. Download Datasheet.

Lumina Flow Manager - Trial Download

Lumina Flow Manager enables more simplified and sophisticated traffic engineering of the network with advanced algorithms such as path-computation for efficient traffic flows. Administrators can view and interact with the network topology, using real-time information to perform traffic engineering and network flow direction. Use the application to search for and manage OpenFlow 1.3-compliant switches, view switch configurations and operational data and apply OpenFlow 1.3 actions. Download Trial.

Lumina Fabric Manager - Kubernetes

Lumina Fabric Manager is a series of plug-ins and data models that interface with Kubernetes to push network intent to commercial switch fabrics such as Cisco and Juniper. The product off-loads networking from compute to the existing Ethernet switch fabric, freeing-up compute resources for compute work-load. The product is vendor agnostic and can be used with a variety of different vendor’s Ethernet switch fabrics . Learn more.

Lumina Zero Touch Installer

Lumina Zero Touch Installer enables users to initialize devices with the correct software image and configuration as soon as the new device is plugged into the network. The most common use case provides the day zero image and creates and verifies the day zero configuration of virtual or white box devices for services such as SD-WAN. The application follows the IETF Zero Touch RFC and Call Home RFC draft specifications. Install the application with or without the Lumina SDN Controller.

Lumina Overlay Manager

Lumina Overlay Manager is an application to create logical overlay networks on top of the physical underlay networks by establishing VXLAN tunnels between network nodes. You can use either the APIs provided by the application or its web GUI to create and manage tunnels connecting KVM hypervisors running an Open vSwitch, data center switches or a KVM hypervisor and a data center switch. The Overlay Manager communicates with devices using the NETCONF protocol and with the hypervisors using OVSDB.

Lumina VNF Manager - Trial Download

Lumina VNF Manager is a network functions virtualization (NFV) orchestration application based on the OpenStack Tacker project. Through a combination of VNF health monitoring and lifecycle management, the application helps organizations automate network service delivery while simplifying NFV deployment. As a pure-play, open-source approach to Virtual Network Function (VNF) management for NFVs, the application integrates with your existing management tools and controllers. Download Trial.

Lumina Topology Manager

Lumina Topology Manager monitors events and stores or updates the controller topology details. The application displays information on network topology, hosts, switches, routers, ports, and flows in near-real time. Monitored events include node add, node remove, node connector up, node connector down, and link discovered. The manager also removes links and cleans up the topology data that is stored in the operational data store.

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