Lumina’s open source-based platforms and applications empower
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Lumina Networks Platforms

Lumina Networks Applications

Lumina Network Resource Manager

Lumina Network Resource Manager is a collection of applications that enable better utilization of the network by intelligently managing slices and creating traffic-engineered paths.

Service Mapper

Lumina Service Mapper is an intelligent application that enables seamless model translation from standardized data models to vendor proprietary models.

Open Log Stack

Lumina Open Log Stack is an open source based application that facilitates log collection at scale, while aiding the in-memory translation from unstructured log to structured data.

Lumina SDN Controller

Lumina Networks has introduced version 8 of its SDN Controller, Powered by OpenDaylight™. Lumina’s approach to SDN is one of convergence. The solution creates a common control plane over multiple domains so that services can be deployed using a single set of applications. The same service can be instantiated over a routed domain, a switched domain and multiple vendors simultaneously.  Network Convergence – it’s one of the reasons why Lumina is trusted in production by some of the world’s largest service providers.

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NetDev Services

Lumina NetDev Services can help organizations accelerate the implementation of their open software network and expand the skill set of their network engineering and operations team through hands-on experience can utilize Lumina NetDev Services. Our NetDev Services team works with customers to jointly develop production systems using Agile methods to prototype and speed through proof-of-concept and pilot phases.

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