Why aren’t we seeing more deployments of virtualized networks for 5G? Guy Daniels asks Andrew Coward, CEO of Lumina Networks. SDN provides the capability to mix conventional network gear with the new virtualized services that are being developed, and then to run services across both infrastructure types. Easy to say, much harder to do, says Andrew. Much of the old infrastructure doesn’t have the new tools and methods that the new virtualisation facilities have. So there is a lot of complexity to be overcome, which is where Lumina comes in with its ability to tie the old to the new with OpenDaylight SDN software that bridges the gap. “But,“ he warns, “getting the cycles of testing into place now, even though a service provider may not be deploying 5G for another year or so, has to be critical.”

Filmed at: The Great Telco Debate 2018, London.

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