Lumina Networks’ Fabric Manager for Kubernetes

Lumina Fabric Manager is a series of plug-ins and data models that interface with Kubernetes to push network intent to commercial switch fabrics such as Cisco and Juniper.   The product off-loads networking from compute to the existing Ethernet switch fabric, freeing-up compute resources for compute work-load.  The product is vendor agnostic and can be used with a variety of different vendor’s Ethernet switch fabrics as it takes advantage of OpenDaylight’s “Universal translator” capabilities, in translating network intent to specific vendor configuration.

Automating Kubernetes networking on commercial Ethernet switch fabrics

The Lumina Fabric Manager is deployed to control commercially available switch fabrics from vendors such as Juniper and Cisco automatically.   The solution works by using the Container Networking Interface (CNI) of Kubernetes to pass network intent to the Lumina SDN Controller (OpenDaylight).   The SDN controller then translates Kubernetes intentions for container deployment to specific Ethernet switch-fabric configuration and pushes the configuration to each switch.  Provisioning happens in real-time without user intervention.

If you’re interested in obtaining Lumina Fabric Manager for Kubernetes, please contact us here.

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