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There are few Service Providers who aren’t fully committed to the promise of using open source to eliminate lock-in and spur innovation. It’s still a foreign land for them, however, so we started Lumina Networks to help you understand and apply open source technologies to solve network problems and improve agility. With four solutions which enable intent-based network controls from the data center to the core and to the edge, Lumina has a broad product portfolio for any networking use case. We welcome you to trial a few of these products below but urge you to contact us if you are interested in solving a specific problem.

Lumina SDN Controller Commercial Edition – Trial Download

Lumina SDN Controller Commercial Edition is a quality-assured version of the industry-leading OpenDaylight controller licensed for production networks. Combined with Lumina NetDev Services, providers can implement software-defined networks on their own timeline using Agile development approaches. Lumina delivers multivendor interoperability based on a common control plane and contributes back to the open source community to ensure 100 percent compatibility with OpenDaylight’s code base.

Lumina Network Resource Manager – Trial Download

Lumina Flow Manager enables more simplified and sophisticated traffic engineering of the network with advanced algorithms such as path-computation for efficient traffic flows. Administrators can view and interact with the network topology, using real-time information to perform traffic engineering and network flow direction. Use the application to search for and manage OpenFlow 1.3-compliant switches, view switch configurations and operational data and apply OpenFlow 1.3 actions.

NRM Variants:

  • NRM-Packet: MPLS/IP Networks
  • NRM-Flow: OpenFlow Networks (aka Lumina Flow Manager)
  • NRM-Optical: Optical Networks – Coming Soon!

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