Limitations and Restrictions

Lumina Flow Manager has the following limitations and restrictions.

  • When a link cost is updated, there is a slight delay in the cost calculation for the path. If the updated cost does not appear on the links in the topology graph or View Paths drop-down list, refresh the browser page.
  • Segment routing paths are not displayed in the View Paths drop-down list on the Network Topology page. However, segment routing paths are visible when clicking on links in the topology graph that use segment routing paths.

  • In the table on the Paths page, the cost that is shown for segment routing paths is the cost for only the first link in that path.

  • When an MPLS path is selected from the View Paths drop-down list, forward and reverse paths are highlighted. The cost, however, is calculated for only the forward path.

  • If there is a path with an error, the cost is displayed as 0 and the nodes on the Network Topology page are highlighted incorrectly on the topology graph.
  • On the side pane of the Paths page, the Hops and Flows columns are not sortable.