Known issues

The following table lists the known issues in this release of Lumina Flow Manager.

Table 1. Known issues
Component Priority Key Summary
Flow Manager Major ODL-7283

When a path is created on the Path form for a MPLS or segment routing tunnel, the value selected for the Type field (either Segment Routing or MPLS) does not take effect.

This issue is observed when the following steps are followed:
  1. Click + and then Add an MPLS Tunnel or Add an Segment Routing Tunnel in the top left-hand corner of the Network Topology page.
  2. Select the path and click Add Path Details.
  3. Update the Type field on the Path form.


Do not update the Type field on the Path form.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7284

The Edit field for link costs is not validated for numerical entries. If a non-numerical value is entered, the invalid value is visible on the links in the topology graph and the path does not function properly.


When editing the link cost, enter only numerical values in the Link Cost field.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7285

Editing the cost for links to hosts returns an error. This action is not supported by Flow Manager; however, the UI does not prevent users from attempting to edit the cost for links to hosts.


Do not edit the link cost for hosts.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7286

When the Type field is edited is for segment routing or MPLS paths on the Path form, the tunnel cannot be modified.


Do not edit the Type field when editing the Path form.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7287

The No Data Available message is displayed on a page sometimes when there is no real data (which is valid) and sometimes even after loading data (which is invalid).


Refresh the browser page.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7288

After Refresh is clicked on the secondary tool bar, the last active layout is displayed instead of None when the topology is refreshed.


Click Refresh on the secondary tool bar.

Flow Manager Major ODL-7289

An error message is not displayed when a topology layout is unable to be saved.


Check the UI log for error messages. The UI log is located in the following directory: /opt/lumina/ui/log

Flow Manager Major ODL-4886

When an MLX switch is disconnected and reconnected to an active controller or when a controller is restarted, the controller fails to acquire the master status for the MLX device. Therefore, the controller does not receive complete details, such as the IP address of the MLX device. However, the MLX device is displayed as undefined when the user checks the Flow Manager UI.


Perform the following tasks:
  1. Disconnect the MLX device.
  2. Reload the device.
  3. Restart the controller.