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Working together across teams to develop open software is essential to the future of versatile, highly scalable, reliable networks. Join other network developers in building and implementing open solutions for software networks. Whether you are new to network development or a seasoned pro, join our discussions on a diverse set of topics that include network virtualization, network disaggregation, DevOps and NetOps.

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The Last Measurable Ounce of Quality Can Be Expensive

A Brief Lexicon of the Software Quality Landscape The quality of a software product is a multi-dimensional measurement, spanning such… Read More »


Testing OpenDaylight controller with Postman tools

Introduction Usage of REST APIs has been gaining popularity in the Networking industry as more vendors are realizing its ease… Read More »


Getting started with Lumina SDN Controller

Lumina SDN Controller (LSC) is Lumina’s SDN controller distribution based on the industry leading OpenDaylight project. We recently released version… Read More »


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