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Working together across teams to develop open software is essential to the future of versatile, highly scalable, reliable networks. Join other network developers in building and implementing open solutions for software networks. Whether you are new to network development or a seasoned pro, join our discussions on a diverse set of topics that include network virtualization, network disaggregation, DevOps and NetOps.

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Unifying Orchestration of 5G Networks and Services

In our 5G eBook, we talked about the critical need for unified orchestration in communication service provider (CSP) networks. To review: 5G services will make CSP networks even more complex than they are now while raising customer expectations. The only way to deal...

The Easiest Developer Productivity Measure of All – Not!

Background. I work daily with large telecoms, helping them transform requirements into business value that is realized as software artifacts. It is hard to operate and thrive in intersection of the hardware and software world. The developer teams I have been on have...

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