Heading into a world of always-on and on-demand, service providers are rethinking their role in a 5G world. They need to meet expectations in an environment of declining revenues and antiquated architecture. Delivering a 5G service with existing architectures is impossible, so most are planning to run a new 5G network silo. Amidst the digital transformation process, which aims to remove network silos and build a more flexible, unified network, this strategy seems like we’re moving backward on the transformation journey. This is where LEAP comes in.

The recently announced Lumina Extension & Adaptation Platform (LEAP), extends the benefits of the OpenDaylight-based Lumina SDN Controller to Communications Service Providers looking to simplify legacy resource automation in support of the transformation journey to 5G deployments and DevOps principles. As part of the company’s Intent-Driven Service Automation solution, LEAP delivers network flexibility by making network applications aware and cloud-ready.

Providing ubiquitous control for service providers looking to unify programmable and legacy resource controls, LEAP uses model-driven frameworks to shield the complexity of underlying southbound interfaces. With abstract data models and microservices architecture, LEAP, as part of Lumina’s Intent-Driven Service Automation solution, extends the capabilities of Lumina’s OpenDaylight-based (Fluorine release) SDN controller to enable intent-driven network operations. In a language-agnostic manner, the platform promotes the addition of new microservices-based components and allows DevOps teams to leverage existing scripting skills to extend their service automation frameworks in-house.

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