Lumina CEO Andrew Coward, and COO Nitin Serro.

With an impressive turnout, presentations by experts in their field and of course, pizza and beer, the event offered a highly informative networking opportunity for the Open Source Networking community and marked the first OSN User Group Bay Area Meetup.

We kicked off the afternoon in our conference room with the doors wide open to a beautiful, sunny California day and heard first from Lumina customer and industry leader, Verizon with a lively discussion led by Hwa-Jung Han, Director of Emerging Technology, Verizon on building a programmable network infrastructure using Open Source SDN technologies and Verizon’s exploration of a new SDN ecosystem.

Sunny skies in San Jose.

Our very own Anil Vishnoi, Principal Software Engineer provided an overview of new offerings the OpenDaylight community is working on in the current release of Oxygen and upcoming Fluorine release as well as projects that are expanding use cases that users can solve for by using OpenDaylight. We also discussed ONAP with Bin Hu, AT&T, and explored the architectural vision of orchestrating workloads for Multicloud.

We had an energetic presentation from Rajat Chopra, R&D, Redhat who led us through an introduction to networking for large-scale container orchestration systems like Kubernetes, including an overview of requirements, common pitfalls and new technologies on the horizon.

Raymond Paik, Linux Foundation.

Raymond Paik of Linux Foundation followed up that presentation with a brief update on a new tool in the works from OPNFV Lab-as-a-Service and got us all excited about next month’s Open Networking Summit.

As presentations came to a close, we concluded the afternoon’s meetup with more mingling, live music and refreshments. A big thanks to all those who presented and attended; we look forward to see you all at the next one!


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