Last week at the SDN NFV World Congress show we were honoured to receive the Best Startup award for 2018. I’d like to mention some of the reasons why we believe Lumina Networks was selected, and why we are a unique start-up company.

Lumina Networks is dedicated to a broader vision in the advancement of networking than just a set of new features or a new application. Lumina is founded on the idea that the convergence of network virtualization, cloud and DevOps will fundamentally change the way network technologies are envisioned, created and deployed.

In a virtualized or cloud environment, the network itself operates much like an application. The orchestration of the network will be closely related to the setup and arrangement of the applications and tenants. The network must dynamically accommodate application mobility and changes, especially when the applications and virtual network functions are distributed as in 5G and Mobile Edge Computing.

This requires a complete re-thinking of the way the network is architected and even how the network is managed and deployed.  The days where IT and Network Engineering could operate autonomously are becoming history. The teams will need to work together closely to make sure that application performance, data integrity and service continuity are all considered as inter-related and co-equal.

SDN NFV World Congress

A key element in achieving this needed harmony is the use of open source platforms. In particular, Lumina Networks is the industry’s leading supplier of the OpenDaylight Controller. And, Lumina is the first networking company to focus on a pure-play open source business model. Verizon and AT&T understand the need for this model to succeed are investing in Lumina accordingly, in addition to being two of our largest customers.

Open source communities are a mechanism to foster the needed cooperation between vendors, customer network engineering teams and customer IT departments.  Furthermore, because Open source communities focus on developing the actual code, cooperation results in usable software that can be tested, trialled and ultimately deployed.

Lumina Networks is a new unique company that brings all of these dynamics together into a set of products and services that help our customers begin their journey to next-generation software networking.  Lumina’s open source-based platform provides the basis for the deployment of SDN and NFV with vendor support and without vendor lock-in.  Our upstream open source community leadership and contributions ensure that our customers get the benefits of multi-vendor platforms.  Finally, Lumina’s NetDev services help our customer integrate the technology into their existing and future network environments while we transfer the skills and knowledge to our customers that makes them self-sufficient.

Thanks again to our friends in the analyst community who served as judges for the contest and our friends at Layer123 for the opportunity and venue.

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