Andrew Coward and Dominique Jodoin Explain SD-Core

See Lumina Network’s CEO Andrew Coward and NoviFlow’s CEO Dominique Jodoin explain the evolution and future of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) core networks.

The two companies have announced a joint SDN solution, called “SD-Core”, that addresses evolution of the MPLS network core. Many service providers, they say, are looking to radically bring down their network ‘cost per bit’. If they are ready to accept open source and white box solutions, Lumina and NoviFlow have an approach which involves capping further MPLS investment and  progressively offloading traffic growth to their SDN and ‘white’box’ architecture, thus expanding the capacity of the network while reducing costs. Andrew and Dominique explain all to Martyn Warwick.

Watch the interview on TelecomTV HERE.


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