Cloudify and Lumina Networks Announce Strategic Partnership

Tier 1 service provider production success and cooperation on open source help simplify implementation of NFV.



Lumina Networks named as one of the top 20 "Most Promising SDN Providers"

InformationWeek’s list of Infrastructure Vendors Making Strides in 2019.




Neglected 5G Factors: How SDN will Enable Brownfield Deployments

Software-defined networking components play a critical role in making 5G service possible and accelerating deployments




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Why Lumina?

We started Lumina Networks to deliver the first commercial open source SDN Controller to open the power of SDN to companies whose business is their network. We have built a suite of applications that solve real-world use cases where SDN brings intent-based networking to common network services. Lumina is the only pure play open source network vendor, trusted by companies such as Verizon and AT&T.

The future of your network is open source. Joining our community of transformative leaders will pull your projects out of the lab and into the live network. See why the world’s largest network providers entrust their future with Lumina Networks.

Andrew Coward, CEO

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